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  • Luxury-Yacht Building

    Our company offers luxury yacht and boat services all over the world
    we aim to meet your every need.

  • Big Yacht Experience

    Your yacht and your boats enjoy all kinds of conditions, it does not matter what your problem is, we have a talented team to help you

  • Yacht Building

    From your boat project, We Deliver Up to Delivery

  • Yacht Firnuture Works

    Manufacture and Maintenance of Your Kitchen and Furniture

  • Yacht Deck

    We use world-class materials from decks and woodwork of yachts and boats

Why Should You Choose Us?

We offer luxury yacht and boat repair, maintenance and manufacturing services for over 20 years, you can trust us to give you the best service.

Lüx Cabins

We prepare all the hardware and visuals with the interior exterior architecture

Professional Crew

We do our work with our talented and experienced team. We trust ourselves before you

Over 100 Yachts

Our work we have made up to now consists of over 100 yachts and crafts.

What are we doing!

The process of designing the interior and exterior hardware and the manufacturing process from the project to the delivery of the boat and yachts as a turnkey project are all done with the equipment of our own team and the world standards.


Recently Works

We share some of our yachts and boats that we produce by hosting all of our activities with our own team and equipment.



  • Type: TEKNE
  • LOA: 15M
  • Operation:Yacht Repair


  • Type: Yat
  • LOA: 12 M
  • Operation:Completly

Firnuture Works

  • Type: Yacht
  • LOA: 12 M
  • Operation:Firnuture-Tadilat

Deck Repair

  • Type: Yacht
  • LOA: 12 M
  • Operation:Tadilat

Sea Angel

  • Type: Yacht
  • LOA: 30 M
  • Operation:Repair-Firnuture

White Angel

  • Type: Yacht
  • LOA: 12 M
  • Operation:Firnuture Repair